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Velkommen to Norsk Carolina!

About Norsk Carolina 

Founded in 2009 in Charlotte, NC, by a group of Norwegians and Norwegian-Americans as part of the Sons of Norway umbrella of organizations (lodges).

Norsk Carolina members attend and support a variety of local and regional cultural events--all with themes of Norwegian history, culture, language skills, travel tips, and genealogy.  

Meetings are listed on or Facebook page, Except for special events, our meetings are held at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church at 1900 The Plaza, Charlotte, NC. You do not need to have a Norwegian DNA strand or known Norwegian relatives to attend. We look forward to meeting you.

Velkommen alle folkene. Kom med oss ​​for koselighet!

Translation: We welcome all people. Come join us for "coziness." (It is almost hygge, but it is Norwegian.)